How to Develop & Implement a Facility Restorative Nursing Program
Where: Aurora, Colorado
When: April 9, 2013 & October 8, 2013

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The model for an effective restorative nursing program was originally developed through a grant awarded to B.J. Collard by the Federal Administration on Aging. This model has set the standards for restorative nursing programs and is the prototype used across the country. The focus is on nursing, not formalized therapy, and offers a step-by-step practical guide on how to set up a restorative nursing program. Compliance with CMS regulations of keeping residents at their highest, possible, practical, functional level is accomplished if the program is followed as taught. Criteria for PPS is met.

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Restorative Nursing
PPS & RUGS III Manual CTS #102

This is the practical guide that will assist you to set up an effective Restorative Nursing Program that meets criteria for payment under the PPS system, achieves CMS compliance, and delivers restorative nursing care to enhance individual resident's quality of life. Learn More!